Dixon County Museum

A dream of ten people, lots of volunteer labor and public-spirited County Supervisors created a county museum that excel in size and exhibits over most smaller museum’s in Nebraska. It was on Feb. 28, 1964, ten persons met at the Allen Community Club room. Their purpose was to collect and preserve the history of Dixon County. Those attending the meeting were: Mrs. Laurel Miner, Wakefield; Harry Roberts, Allen; Jesse Dixon, Emerson; Mrs. Irma Foulks, Ponca; Mrs. Bessie Kirk, Ponca; Mrs. Harry Warner, Allen; Mrs. Monie Lundahl, Allen; Clarence Emry, Allen; Mrs. Jessie Heliker, Allen; and Mrs. Basil (Mabel) Wheeler, Allen. There were 87 charter members.

How well this small group succeeded is easily seen. From nothing but a vision to owning one-half block of ground, one two-story building 24X80 feet, a rural school-house, a machinery building 46 X60 feet and a small house destined for a research center. That is quite an accomplishment in 18 years.

After meeting (County Historical) in various towns of the county for about 18 months the group purchased the former Assembly of God Church for $400. The first meeting was held in their own building in October 1965.

In 1966 the rural school-house was bought for $50. It cost $100 to have it moved. It was in place July 4, 1966. The inside was finished the spring of 1974, all work was volunteer. Articles from closed schools and gifts were donated so the inside looks like a rural school of yester-year.

Also in 1966 the windmill, a gift of Oliver Noe, was brought and set up. In 1978 the Nyen House was bought for $3000 which would be used for research house. In 1980-81 a large pole building with large doors was constructed, the doors themselves were installed in the late 1981. New sidewalks were also laid, this project was delayed for a time because no cement was available.

2009–A Railroad room was added to complete a 1/4 block area belonging to Dixon County Museum for the HISTORY OF DIXON COUNTY in Allen,Nebraska.

The Museum has the Dixon County memories of how life was during the beginning of Dixon County, household items, pictures of the early 10 towns in Dixon County, 87 Country School house pictures with lots of pupils, Military uniforms, 10,000 obituaries on file and lots of genealogy help for finding early families of Dixon county. The Rural School- Logan Valley schoolhouse was brought into Allen and put behind the Museum for those early country school memories.

The brick building is our Railroad History building with the beginnings of RRs in Dixon County. Railroads really helped the county get populated after it was built.

The Research House beside the RR building is the storage of all the beginning newspapers of Dixon county, there were 10 towns in Dixon county and 9 had newspapers. By reading through old newspapers the history of wherever your family lived is written for you. Wonderful Genealogy information.

Behind the Research House is our Machine Shed where our early farming implements are kept, early tools, early fire trucks, and a horse drawn school bus.

A big Thank You to those ten people who had a dream of keeping History of Dixon County alive.

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